Apr 26, 2021
Wow. I read this book for school, but man, I fell in love with it just as easily as I have with books I read on my own time. I love a good family drama, and The Namesake checks all of those boxes. Something I think is really worth noting about The Namesake is that it is about the assimilation of a Bengali family into American society but it is not explicitly about racism. The Gangulis face microaggressions and the struggles of living amongst a different country with different values, but it does not feel exploitative. The story has so much more to it than just sadness - it is about love, tradition, family, identity, and growing up. Jhumpa Lahiri’s writing is so beautifully moving; I found myself so captivated by her words I just wanted to keep reading past our assignments. Definitely my favorite school read, and one of my new favorites overall.