Dec 31, 2020TEENREVIEWBOARD rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
The Unhoneymooners is a romance novel written by Christina Lauren. The story revolves around Olive Torres as she tries to navigate her life after gaining the opportunity to go on her twin sister’s honeymoon to Maui with her nemesis Ethan. This is a classic enemies to lovers tale with a modern twist that many readers will find enjoyable as it unfold throughout the story. Something I really liked about the book was how detailed the author was and how each emotion Olive felt was described very thoroughly. This helps the audience really understand the story from her perspective and deepen their interest in the book. I would recommend this to more mature readers because they will have a more thorough understanding of the content. Overall, this is a great story that will entertain you from the beginning until the end. Rating 4/5. @treesab of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board