Mar 30, 2020JCLJENNYT rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
So this was my second read through of this book and it was just as weird and bizarre as I remembered if not more so. There is something about Murakami's writing that has a magnetism to it and no other writer quite hits the same way making him one of the most unique writers I've ever come across. Every time I open one of his books I never know the direction he's going to go and its really refreshing as a reader. 1Q84 is somewhat unique to Murakami's writing because he equally splits time with two characters and one character is indeed female which kind of goes outside of his typical style. Aoname and Tengo are the most normal characters in the book and the main focus but even they are on a weird adventure to find one another. I'm not sure if this book counts as a love story because the main characters haven't seen each other in 20 years and since they were children and don't see each other for most of the duration of the novel. Either way if you think you know where this novel is going I guarantee you that you are wrong.