Voices of Native American Women
Dec 27, 2019LaNomada01 rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
The very first thing I would suggest doing before you read this moving short anthology of poetry, arts, and stories; is to search for the definition of Indigenous. To really understand the meaning of that word will help you build upon it as you hear the true emotions and stories from the woman who have gathered to speak in this book. I'm not the biggest fan of poetry and yet I found this book incredibly moving. It did take me a little bit to get through it, but not because I found it hard to read - but because it kept inspiring me to look something up. My two favorite poem/story are "The Things We Taught Our Daughters", and "Dear Past Self" (by Helen Knott (Dane Zara/Cree) & Isabella Fillspipe(Oglala Lakota) respectively). These tales where so moving. The title alone of the first one strikes you in the heart. What have we taught our daughters, I believe that whether you're indigenous, a minority, or just a woman - you can relate to these two poems because they speak to who we shape ourselves into becoming. And they make you ask yourself - is how I'm shaping myself right. I recommend this book. I as a reader believe it's invaluable to get the perspective of other cultures and races, because when you do - you often find that at the core being human is ridiculously familiar. I personally now feel the need to go look at my own roots, which I have ignored for some time. - "You need to support people in getting to a place where they can sit with discomfort honestly and learn from it." - Janet Smylie (Cree/Metis)