Dec 27, 2019LaNomada01 rated this title 3 out of 5 stars
There’s something about the familiar. It’s comforting, yet frustrating at the same time. And that’s what this book is to me. I love retellings, it’s what got me into this game of reading and it’s honestly what will keep me here. This book however has several moments where you ask yourself - ‘really this again, another overly cruel stepmother’ or ‘oh look they took the dress - surprise.’ A part of me was ready to put the book down but then I found myself attached. Attached to the characters of this story and not necessarily those you would think. I fell in love with Sage - this versions Fairy Godmother. I fell in love with the princes manager and bodyguard. I fell in love with the convention, the fans. Falling in love with those characters made me appreciate the main characters, they made me want to know what happened next. Because of them, I cared. And that’s the hardest hurdle to go over when you write a retelling. A feat I believe Ashley Poston has succeeding in doing here. I will be reading the next book, “The Princess and the Geek Girl” because I’m enthralled by the idea of the characters. Read this book if you’re having a lull in reading - enjoy the fun, enjoy the familiar and embrace the Geekiness in it that speaks to all of us.