Aug 17, 2019BlueWolfJin rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
I get all the comments for those who didn't like this but at the same time I just don't I love this book it's an empowering moment of how she felt and how expressed her feeling of mourning , emptiness, and sorrow of telling people her broken sides of how she felt how it tore her to a making of aura of something work expressing. She was reminiscing and she her dark past but writing this book was her way of showing her power throughout this poem. Now it might not be the best writing in your eyes but if your and artist and a poet of learning how to conquer and heal she was doing that is soo strong of a book it might be depressing to you but she has been through rape by family she is supposed to trust and the abuse of the heart mind and soul clouding her body all at once in all honesty I recommend this book she earned my five stars she is so strong and I can't wait to read the sun and her flowers of her blooming to something peaceful