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Jun 02, 2019
“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” -Mary Oliver, The Summer Day With this quote, Diana Nyad (DN) tells us just that. She shares the story of her inner drive from youth swim team to mature distance swimmer. This retrospective is informative and inspiring while being interspersed with moments of her dry, wry humor. Her innate perseverance applies to all aspects of her life as athlete, television celebrity, and now author. It’s an intimate view into her strategies that lead to Nyad’s attempts and successful swim from Cuba to Florida. As reader, the author Diana Nyad makes her story even more personal because we hear her story in her own voice. This story would not have the same impact read by anyone else. This book was inspiring to me from beginning to end. Through the chapters, she shares her determination as a young swimmer through mature athlete finding a different yet equally valuable set of strengths at 64 years old than she possessed earlier in her career. This book spurs me on with my own modest work out attempts.