Jul 26, 2017LPL_DirectorBrad rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
You ever read a book and think, this author gets me and writes something that's just what I want to read? That's how I feel about Robin Sloan. I loved his previous book and his latest is equally fabulous. I just want to hang out with him! Sourdough is a love letter to yeast--and to finding your true passion in life (and loaf). A brilliant young computer programmer named Lois moves from Michigan to San Francisco for a fancy tech job. Looking to eat something other than the liquid nutrient gel Slurry that she and her comrades slurp down at lunch, she begins ordering soup and bread from a mysterious local delivery only food vendor. Suddenly her food purveyors must skip town and entrust her with the starter for their yummy sourdough. She decides to try to make some bread and does a good job. She becomes obsessed with making bread which leads her into a strange world of an odd market named Marrow Fair where she meets many fascinating and strange folk. There's no need to say more. Just read this dang book. I devoured this book. Robin Sloan writes with wit and intelligence yet it is effortless reading. I'm always impressed with books that can achieve that. So excited for this book to make its way into our literary world this fall. Highly recommended reading!