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ClarkHarveyRoth made a comment Mar 24 2018
Atomic Blonde
DVD - 2017
"This is a cool rollercoaster of a spy thriller, with a superior performance I thought from James McAvoy. It may not be entirely academic for the period (see "The Lives of Others" if you haven't), but the action sequences are really visce..." Permalink
ClarkHarveyRoth made a comment Jan 26 2018
"As insanely campy as the production is, you still find some great acting performances sneaking through, which impressed me a lot (special shout-out to the brilliant eccentric mortician). I really liked the premise, too, that the re-animated dead a..." Permalink
ClarkHarveyRoth made a comment Jan 23 2018
Holy motors
DVD - 2012
"By the end I absolutely hated this movie. Hated it!, & I have a pretty high threshold for enjoying incoherent nonsense, image for its own sake, method acting...I've maybe seen a couple art films. This one is alternately barbaric, boring as faw..." Permalink
ClarkHarveyRoth made a comment Dec 18 2017
"Wow, I have to say I'm shocked at all the negative feedback on this film. Apologies to those members waiting for the hold request...on the bright side I guess I've been delaying what may be for you an absolutely boring, pointless film experience. ..." Permalink
ClarkHarveyRoth made a comment Aug 16 2017
DVD - 2016
"Once again VICE Media takes you to the pit of the fury, & not much detail is spared in the storytelling (FYI this documentary is 'not rated' to the maxxx). The action centers in London, it's predictably terrifying...I really appreciated what t..." Permalink
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