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TEENREVIEWBOARD made a comment 7 minutes ago
"The book Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury was a warning. It’s a warning to us about how if we don’t question the entity around us, we won’t be able to see things as how it is. This dystopian book is telling a story of a time when books and m..." Permalink
TEENREVIEWBOARD made a comment 19 minutes ago
"This, for me, was a nice and breezy read. I finished it in one setting and I loved the perfect amount of action and plot. For a short story, it sure did its job! The graphics in here are also phenomenal... I'm wondering if I can find them online? ..." Permalink
TEENREVIEWBOARD made a comment 23 minutes ago
"I picked up this book, read a few chapters, and then accidentally returned it with the others before I could finish. Those few days of waiting to pick it up again were brutal. But I did finish it, and I have some things to say. Positive: I really ..." Permalink
TEENREVIEWBOARD made a comment 26 minutes ago
"This, is the tale of a small town in Quebec, in the dead middle of nowhere. With the lives of all its citizens snared around one game of hockey, it sets quite the tone for the entire book and its secrets. What actually happened for something to se..." Permalink
TEENREVIEWBOARD made a comment 27 minutes ago
"While I am more of a Marvel person, these DC-author compilations are quite the read. Batman was a superhero I knew little about, and reading this was a nice take on the "teenage" millionaire who watched over Gotham City. I have always lo..." Permalink
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