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Aug 16 2017
DVD - 2015
"I liked this one, and yes it came off as a somewhat weak precursor to the events of THE CONJURING, but on it's own merits it provides just the added amount of terror that assist one in enjoying a good horror movie, without going vastly overboard." Permalink
novelust liked a list Jul 18 2017
"Horses, outlaws and the Wild West. . . surefire choices to get you in the stampeding spirit!"
novelust liked a list Jul 08 2017
"A bibliophile's nightmare... All these mysteries feature libraries and librarians."
novelust liked a list Feb 16 2017
"For young readers tired of the typical mushy, gushy love stories, this unromantic reading guide will keep them happy this Valentine's Day."
novelust added a title to their Completed shelf Apr 28 2016

Do your cakes collapse, souffl#65533;s slump, cookies crumble, and fruit pies fail? For those living at high altitude, baking can be a challenge at best, or a total disaster. More than thirty-four of the fifty United States, plus many Canadian...

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