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Dragonrat703 added a title to their Completed shelf May 26 2018
Sometimes they're called hoods, sometimes greasers. The name changes from place to place, but it doesn't matter -- they're the outsiders, the rough, tough, long-haired boys from the "other" side of town, with little hope for fancy cars...
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May 26 2018
"I read this as a junior in high school. Please, please. Don't all applaud at once. This is not a brag. It is, instead, an idea of the sort of person who would buy into something so heavy-handed and, quite frankly, narrow-minded such as this. This ..." Permalink
Dragonrat703 made a comment Apr 23 2018
"This book was an incredible read, one of those rare books that aren't quite like any other. It is also a book that is not for everyone. While the story is engrossing and captivating, large portions of it are taken up by philosophical monologues. I..." Permalink
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