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LPL_PolliK added a title to their For later shelf May 21 2018
While LAPD homicide detective Milo Sturgis investigates the murder of a John Doe in an upscale LA home, he calls on psychologist Alex Delaware to untangle the web of corrupted love, greed, and broken trust that is exposed.
LPL_PolliK added a title to their For later shelf May 17 2018
In 1939 families in a remote Jewish village feel the war close in on them. There is nowhere else to go. At the suggestion of an eleven-year-old girl and a mysterious stranger, the villagers decide to reinvent the world: deny any relationship with...
LPL_PolliK rated a title May 04 2018
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LPL_PolliK made a comment May 04 2018
"A sweet, funny romance where the heroine is a badass rocker and the hero is a librarian? YES, PLEASE! When disgraced rock-star Joanna has to slink home to her stifling hometown to take care of her beloved Grandma, she is unnerved by the new (and s..." Permalink
LPL_PolliK added a title to their Completed shelf May 04 2018
Joanna never thought she'd have to come back to her dull, tiny fishbowl of a hometown ever again. She almost had a record deal for her all-girl rock band. She almost had it made in L.A. And then her deal went sour and her granny broke her leg . ....
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