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LPL_BeckyB rated a title May 08 2019
LPL_BeckyB made a comment May 08 2019
"Easy, quick recipes with nice-to-look-at and tasty results. My favorite (so far) is the golden pineapple coconut bundt cake. If you need a treat for a crowd, a bundt cake is easy to make and transport." Permalink
LPL_BeckyB made a comment May 03 2019
DVD - 2018
"There are so few good movies with women main characters over 40. This is definitely one of them. Agnes (Kelly Macdonald) undergoes midlife transformation from put-upon home-maker to realization of her own self worth and abilities. I especially ..." Permalink
LPL_BeckyB created a list Apr 06 2019
General Recommendations
Advice for the "Sandwich" Generation
"Helpful support and advice for the generation taking care of parents and adult children at the same time."
LPL_BeckyB made a comment Mar 29 2019
"I rarely, make that never, watch a black and white film. Wouldn't have watched this if I'd been paying attention when selecting it. But, WOW! So glad I stuck it out past the first 10 minutes when I ceased to be aware of the no color issue. Bru..." Permalink
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