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LPL_LizS created a list Oct 02 2018
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Best True Crime of 2018 (so far)
"My favorite true crime reads (and additions to my to-be-read list) of 2018 (so far)."
LPL_LizS created a list Sep 28 2018
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Most Popular Health Books
"See what medicine & health related books (AKA the 610s) have been flying off the shelf at LPL in the last 6 months."
LPL_LizS added a title to their For later shelf Sep 21 2018
"In 1993 Alaskan artist and paleo-fish enthusiast, Ray Troll, stumbled upon the weirdest fossil he had ever seen in a museum -- a platter-sized spiral of tightly wound shark teeth, from the Helicoprion, a mysterious monster from deep time. In 2010...
LPL_LizS added a title to their In progress shelf Sep 11 2018
In 2012, a New York auction catalogue boasted an unusual offering: "a superb Tyrannosaurus skeleton." In fact, Lot 49135 consisted of a nearly complete T. bataar, a close cousin to the most famous animal that ever lived. The fossils now on display...
LPL_LizS created a list Aug 10 2018
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Celebrate National Yoga Month at LPL!
"September is National Yoga Month! Celebrate by joining us for FREE weekly yoga classes (details below) and check out some of the great books and DVDs we have available to expand your practice!"
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