Straphanger Saving Our Cities and Ourselves From the Automobile By Grescoe, Taras Book - 2012

I have to disagree with the below comment that describes this as travel advocacy masquerading as a travel book. It's actually the opposite. And his thesis is right there in the title! Canadian Taras Grescoe, who claims he's never owned a car, travels to cities around the world to investigate their public transit systems (he's a big fan of trains) and the impact cars have had on cities. He's globetrotting includes Tokyo, which he thinks has the best transit of any major city, Copenhagen, Bogota, New York, and our fair Portland. Like many public transit advocates, he can be a little preachy, but there's no ignoring his argument or the damage that roads and cars have done. The imperial city planner Robert Moses emerges as the villain of the piece, but he has harsh assessments of iconic architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier too. You might also like "The Geography of Nowhere."

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