Orlando A Biography By Woolf, Virginia Book - 1973?

I saw the movie in 1993, and enjoyed it, though I didn't always understand it. Seeing it on the library shelves recently, I decided to give it a try. The Vintage edition of 2004 has two introductions, to which I returned when I got bogged down. I often read it in short sections, then at other times would sail through sections--not skimming, but fascinated by the details and the changes in style and Orlando's life. Always, it took a great deal of concentration. Thoroughly wonderful, sly, witty, sometimes sarcastic, often sad. Interesting that Woolf's handling of the transgender theme is to have male Orlando, the British Ambasador to Constantinople, become very ill with fever, and wake up female. As simple as that! The book reminded me very much of "One Hundred Years of Solitude," both in some of its themes and its style, though written decades before that "original" magical realism novel. I've never been able to get through any of Woolf's novels before, though her life has long fascinated me. While this may be , as the introductions indicate, her best, I think I'll try some more. I will probably re-read this one at some point, and understand, and enjoy it, even more.

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