A Very Stable Genius
A Very Stable Genius Donald J. Trump's Testing of America By Rucker, Philip Book - 2020

Personally, I believe anyone who voted for Trump -- or Clinton - - or the Bushes - - to be complete lunatics! That said, I do recommend this book, although I am directly challenging the narrative of the WaPo authors.

Firstly, I am in full agreement with Trump's insults to the Pentagon staff! Only one lone voice [Gen. Robert Spalding - forced out by the Obama Administration] raised disagreement with the Obama Administration's transfer of state-of-the-art nuclear technology to the Chinese Communist Party, after they committed the worst breach of US national security in history!
Secondly, it was only one lone voice, then DIA Director/Gen. Flynn, who sounded the alarm on ISIS. Flynn's predecessor at the DIA, Gen. Patrick Hughes, claimed that al Qaeda was not threat shortly prior to 9/11/01 - - and indeed fired the one DIA analyst, Julie Sirrs, who sounded the alarm on al Qaeda. Gen. Hughes would later claim that China posed no threat to American national security.
So the Pentagon staff Trump insulted certainly did not inspire confidence with their national security-be-damned attitudes!
Also, it was both the Bush Administration -- and especially the Obama Administration -- who reneged on past US government promises not to encircle Russia with NATO -- and how in perdition could anyone in the Obama Administration believe Russia would ever allow Crimea to fall under NATO authority or influence?! This truly beggars belief! That would be akin to the US government allowing Russia to take over Key West or all the West Coast ports!
Real journalists would have reported extensively on Trump's shortcomings before he was elected president - - NOT afterwards. Journalistic economic opportunism DOES NOT equate to journalistic integrity. It is precisely because of the lack of any real news content that when real journalists and reporters - - like David Dayen and Greg Palast - - report on blockbuster items such as completely invalidated securitization contracts [Dayen] or the memo on credit derivatives' inclusion in the WTO Financial Services Agreement sent by Timothy Geithner to Larry Summers [Palast] - - the public cannot comprehend their incredible importance - - no content means no context and without any context there is little to no comprehension!
Overall, I agree with the authors' assessments of Trump, simply that these authors aren't qualified, nor have the moral cache, to pass such judgment.

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