I stumbled across this one on the shelf, and oh my goodness I'm so glad I did! "I Can Only Draw Worms" is a simple counting book on the surface, with even simpler illustrations. As the title suggests, the author only draws the same neon pink worm over and over again on white & black backgrounds.

BUT, that makes the author/illustrator Will Mabbitt all the more talented for turning this simple little book into an absolutely laugh-out-load riot. Some of the jokes might go over the heads of your littlest littles, but this book is a sure hit with the kindergarten crowd! It counts worms 1 through 10, but with some hiccups along the way (like worm 9 going missing until the end) and silly jokes all throughout that'll keep the kiddos giggling till the last page.

Can I make an entirely worm-themed storytime around this book? STAY TUNED.

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