I want to see what he has seen.

I want to know the people he has known.

I want to share these experiences.

Sal Paradise/Jack Kerouac takes you on a truly satisfying trip, told in journal style, down the American back roads in the 50’s, during the Eisenhower post-WWII prosperity the rest of the population was enjoying. You’re experiencing this journey along with the main character as he paints a picture with words… a verbal picture of the America he lives in during those years.

He uses rich descriptive phrases so you feel as if you have met his companions. Sal tells about his friends who “never say a common place thing”. This book is filled with great thought provoking quotes - “East of my youth, West of my future”, which gives the listener an idea of where this story is in time and space for Sal. It underscores the restless searching quality of all the characters throughout this book.

In another anecdote, Sal complains about the troubles he has with hitchhiking but not what you would expect, ie. not being able to get a ride. The problem was having to talk all the time to people who gave you rides.

Matt Dillon, the reader, has great pacing and vocal tone. His delivery goes from matter of fact to high energy as the story dictates. With audio books, the reader is as important as the book he/she reads.

Listening to this book is like catching up with a comfortable old friend…that wild eyed wacky guy that your mother warned you about. But you love this rascal friend and want to keep up with his latest escapades. You chuckle and smile to yourself later at the recollection of the time spent together. Go on the road with Jack Kerouac, even if it is only in your mind!

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