"Every story has four parts: the beginning, the middle, the almost-ending, and the true ending. Unfortunately, not everyone gets a true ending. Most people give up at the part of the story where things are the worst, when the situation feels hopeless, but that is where hope is needed the most. Only those who persevere can find their true ending."

The most magical and unique series of all time has come to a close. I am not sure if I'm sad it's ended or happy that the story is finally complete. I fell in love with this series back in 2016, and the previous 2 books were everything I had hoped they would be.

This book is told in the alternating perspectives of sisters Scarlet and Tella. Each have their own missions to accomplish and though they each want to protect the other sister, they must go their own way so that they can come together to defeat The Fates.

There were many new characters introduced in this third installment, and most were Fates we had never previously even known about. Some are friend and some are foe, but it was a interesting cast of characters to say the least.

Learning the history of all the fates, how Tella and Scarlet's mom falls into the mix, and even background on how Legend came to be was an exciting and at times terrifying journey. Author, Stephanie Garber, throws in some twists and turns that I honestly didn't see coming.

I had high hopes for the Caraval series ending and I have to be honest and say it fell a bit flat for me. The ending was just "okay" and it seemed really rushed and too tied up in a neat little bow for my liking. Sure, part of me was happy that the fairy tale ending happened, but it left me feeling empty... I am not sure how to further explain the feeling and I don't want to ruin this book with spoilers.

All in all, it was a book and series I will read over again because it's just that creative, well written, and the characters are unlike any other. Bravo!

Thanks to Netgalley, Flatiron Books and Stephanie Garber for allowing me an eARC to read and give my honest review. It was a 4 star read for me! I can't wait to see what Garber comes up with in perhaps a new series!

Finale is set to be release on May 7, 2019 here in the US, so preorder it now!

Happy Reading!

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