4.5 Stars - I highly recommend if you have read the initial 3 books in the His Fair Assassin Trilogy. Though this says it is stand alone, I would not recommend reading it without reading the first 3 books.

Genevieve a young servant of Mortain, has been stationed in France for 5 years, waiting for her skills to be needed. During that time all she has done is be propositioned by the king, and sent off to a noble's home in Cognac. There her fellow initiate becomes pregnant by the man of the house and their friendship is severed. During her tours of the castle she comes across a prisoner left in isolation. She does not know who he is or what he did, but she feels she can use him to her advantage. Eventually she will use him to escape Cognac, and try to find her sisters. Meanwhile, Sybella will serve the Duchess as she plans to wed the king of France. She and Ismae desperately need more servants of Mortain, but do not know where Genevieve and Lousia were stationed.

I liked being back in this world SO MUCH. This book was just as good as the initial three books and I enjoyed meeting the new characters. I thought that Genevieve's backstory was interesting, and while I did not quite understand her character, I really enjoyed her journey throughout the story. I anticipate that she has a lot more to do in book two of this duology (Or book #5), both as a person and as an assassin. I liked Marauad quite a bit as well, he's a saint of a man. Very patient with a hurting and gruff Genevieve. It was fun to see some of the older characters, Sybella, Beast, The Duchess, Ismae, and Duval again as well. At first I didn't love the dual perspectives. I found myself looking forward to Genevieve's chapters quite a bit more, but then the action rose in both plots and later they converge which was really kind of fun. I'm very excited to see where the next book goes.

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