5 Stars - I recommend if you enjoy quirky YA, that is packed full of every adult feel.

Josie and Delia are two high school seniors who run a late-night cable access show featuring zany old horror movies. Delia has always loved horror movies, as she grew up watching them with her dad before he left her and her mom. Josie has always wanted to be on main-stream television. The two find that this show brings the two of them and their interests together. Josie's parents are pressuring her to move to Knoxville next year and take an internship with Food Network, Delia is trying everything in her power to get Josie to stay. When they find out that famous TV horror host will be at ShiverCon in Orlando, FL, and Delia finds out that her dad is living near there... they take the chance to make their dreams come true and confront the past. This is a quirky and incredibly emotional coming of age story.

I requested this one because it sounded so quirky and fun. I loved the premise: two teenage girls who have a late-night cable access show about really bad, old, horror movies. So much fun. I adored all of the quirky details related to their show and their characters, all of their funny teenage girl conversations, and the other characters in the book. You can tell based on the timing that the book will end up being fairly emotional and deep, however, I didn't expect how much it would effect me. This book deals with loneliness, divorce, coming of age, first loves, moving away, best friends, not knowing what you want to do with your life, and disappointment. Mid-way through the book there was kind of a strange patch when the girls go to Orlando, I thought that it might be going downhill, however, the ending of the book hit me so hard that it all felt perfect. Rarely am I emotionally effected by a book that is not outright tragic, than I was with this book. I won't spoil it for you, but I think if you like heartfelt YA, that isn't all about the fluff, you will enjoy this one. I'm giving this one five stars (my first of the year) because it was incredibly well written, quirky, real, and mostly because of how it made me feel.

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