I finished this book last night after picking it up only yesterday afternoon. I have not been able to read a book in one sitting in a very long time, however, Seafire had me hooked(hooked, get it?)

First, let’s address the plot. This novel takes place with a crew of around 53 female... not pirates, but they’re pretty much pirates. The crew was established by the captain who is our protagonist, this taking place after the death of her family due to the followers “Bullets” of a warlord. The desire of the group of girls is to take down the warlord’s fleet. However, when a prisoner who worked for the warlord arrives on the ship, he starts to reveal some information that may make the girls reconsider their course.
I found the plot to be nicely paced and did not find myself bored at any point of the novel, which as a plot-driven reader was a + for me.
That does not mean this book is lacking for character-driven readers, as the characters were all quite complex and diverse as were their relationships.
My only two complaints about the plot are firstly the very end, I think the decision the protagonist made was uncalled for and not particularly intelligent, but I can see why she did it. This is also a series, so maybe my grievance with the ending will be relieved in the next book.
My second issue with the plot was the primary love interest. I just found it not only predictable but completely unnecessary. I probably would have preferred him to end up with….er avoiding spoilers but for those who have read this… the character who wanted him on board to begin with. I also wish the more minor LGBT love interest was explored more as their relationship just seemed so caring and sweet… those short moments we got it I adored it. I hope we see more of them in the future.

Now for the characters…..

Caledonia: Caledonia Styx is the protagonist of the book, she is strong, she is a good leader, and she can be stubborn at times. She is not perfect and makes some decisions that aren’t the wisest. She also tends to make decisions based on her emotions and guilt rather than being entirely objective about a situation, which is annoying but could make her relatable as a character for many people.

Pisces: Pisces is the character I feel the greatest connection to. She is Caledonia’s best friend, second in command, she has a love for being underwater, and she has a lot of sympathies.

Redtooth: Red is a total badass. Probably the physically strongest member of the crew, but also containing a soft heart. (Kinda spoilery here but she also hurt my heart ;( if you have read you know)

Amina: Amina is a very intelligent character and takes responsibility for building a lot of the devices on the ship, she seems to be quite level-headed.

Hime: Hime’s character development probably intrigued me more than any other character. She used to be involved with the antagonist and Caledonia is very overprotective of her so she has to convince Caledonia she is worthy of fighting. She also speaks in sign language which is interesting, I have not seen that much in YA.

There are more characters but that’s the main crew. I’d talk about “The Bullet” but that’s quite spoilery.

Overall, I loved this book. It probably isn’t for everyone but...you should read it ;P

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