This is one of my favorite urban fantasy series. October "Toby" Daye is such a fun, snarky character, but this series is a bit darker than McGuire's InCryptids series. Toby has gone through a lot of loss, and has to recover so much of herself in each step she takes.

In this first novel, Toby comes back from 14 years spent as a fish to find that her human family believes she deserted them and now want nothing to do with her. She wants nothing to do with Faerie - being turned into a fish against your will can do that to a person - but Faerie is determined to drag her back, kicking and screaming and possibly dying if need be.

McGuire's writing is sharp, quick, and a blast to read. I always find myself staying up until unreasonable hours of the night to finish her novels. One of my favorite things about this series is the way that October's actions always have consequences. There are events in this book that shape her life over the course of the entire series, and McGuire always follows through when she gives a bit of foreshadowing - even if it takes a book or seven. Highly recommended.

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