The One Device
The One Device The Secret History of the IPhone By Merchant, Brian Book - 2017

******************* 50-STARRED REVIEW ***********************
Tracy Kidder's The Soul of a New Machine was a monumental achievement, and this book is yet another monumental achievement a long time in following Kidder's piece!
This dude writes real! Brian Merchant interviews everyone from the phantom coders of Apple [always bugged me that it was difficult to find out anything about them] to the workers at Foxconn [and yes, pompous and pretentious Ira Glass, Mike Daly was correct about their plight] to Alan Kay - - and even mentions John Draper's influence on Jobs and the Woz - - having come into contact with Capt. Crunch in the military, I can attest he influenced my technical perceptions!
This guy covers it all - - full spectrum journalism and technology history at its finest!
The Soul of the iPhone?
You bet! Brian Merchant delivers Big Time!

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