Surprised that only two quotes residing in IMDb now. Here are a few more among dozens of eloquent words from the author (warning, some n-words):
The truth is, That this country does not know what to do with its black population, dreaming of anything like the final solution.
The Negro has never been as docile as white Americans want him to be. That was a myth. We were not singing and dancing down on the levee. We were trying to keep alive. We were trying to survive a very brutal system. He's never been happy in this place. One of the most terrible things, is that in fact, whether I like it or not, I am an American. My school really was the streets of New York City. My frame of reference was George Washington and John Wayne. But, you know, I was a child, and the child who eyes in the world, he has to use what he sees, there's nothing up to you, and you are formed by what you see and the choices you have to make and the way you discover what it means to be black in New York.

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