No romance in this depressing,totally implausible, book of misery and sadness!

I could only read 1/3 of this until I had to give up! Detested the hero,a Duke who needs an heir to ensure the keeping of the family property and titles out of the hands of his cousin,but he is such a stone-hearted-messed-up mental nut case because of lack of maternal affection and love and physical scarring,that no way would he ever be able to allow himself to get close enough to a woman to even become intimate with one! So that makes the story totally ridiculous and unbelievable,as the more you read,the more you see what a mental case he is!

All the while his wife- poor Persephone, is suffering a broken heart and homesickness on top of family loss and living with a man who is mentally and emotionally too detached to even be aware of her suffering!

With every page I disliked him even more,until there was no way I even wanted to see this book become even more implausible by having this 'toad' turn into a prince,so I stopped reading it!

If you love sweet endearing romances,this depressing book of 'ANGST' is not one of those so I do not recommend this book at all.

soblessed59's rating:
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