Left Behind
Left Behind A Novel of the Earth's Last Days By LaHaye, Tim Book - 1995

Rayford Steele and Cameron "Buck" Williams are two different people from entirely different backgrounds, but when millions of people suddenly disappear, their circumstances will bring them together. Rayford Steele is an experienced airline pilot, and when a hysterical flight attendant informs him that half the passengers have disappeared, he must quell the mayhem while wondering if the rest of his family are still with him. Buck Williams is a young journalist with unbelievable talent. Riding in the airplane that Steele is flying, he rigs a makeshift phone to reach civilization below with the news of the disappearances, but upon learning that this is a widespread occurrence, he must figure out a way to get back to New York and his boss among crashed planes and car pileups. As terror grips the world, people try to make sense of it. Some believe it is aliens, others believe it is a natural phenomenon, and still some believe it was some sort of cleansing. Steele, gripped with grief over his lost wife and son, knows the real reason: Jesus Christ has come to take his own, and Steele and his daughter, Chloe, have been left behind. Determined to learn more, he embarks on a spiritual journey that will change his life. Meanwhile, Williams is on the trail of a conspiracy group and discovers a far more ominous back story.

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