I absolutely loved this book.

The authour uses the works and life of George Orwell to examine the history and present situation of Burma, now Myanmar. I am a huge far of George Orwell so I really enjoyed the authour's examination of his time in Burma in the 1920's. As well, I knew relatively little about Burma and this book opened a whole new world to me in this respect.

It is absolutely frightening how the situation in Burma mirror's Orwell's 1984. In Burma they call Orwell "The Prophet" and rightly so. He wrote 1984 before Burma descended into a totalitarian state, but it is as if the Burmese authorities read 1984 as a guide for how to control an entire nation of people. In reality 1984 shows just what a genius Orwell was. He knew what he was writing about. He experienced it, wrote about it, warned us, and as such, hoped we would take note. Most of us have, but Burma has not - at least not in a democratic sense.

I fear for Burma. They are living in hell. It will take a people's revolution of the utmost extreme to come out from under "Big Brother." I hope they have it in them to do it.

If you want to learn something about the world and get a "world view" then read this book. You will not be disappointed.

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