This book really didn't resonate with me, and I have several theories why. I have discovered that Maggie Stiefvater, though a beautiful writer, pens novels that are mainly character-driven. Her characters are deep, and flawed, and interesting, and real- that being said, the plot suffers under all that weight. I love a well-fleshed out character, but if the plot stagnates because of that, I lose interest quickly. The story takes way too long to pick up here- it feels like this would have been the perfect novella if all the fluff was taken out, including the trip to D.C. and the whole plot thread involving the Gray Man, which felt unnecessary. By the time I was actually engaged in the story, I was 2/3 of the way through the book.
Also, the protagonist of this entry, Ronan, is an angry, bad boy, muscle-car driving, chip on his shoulder, the-world-hates-me type of person. Now, if that does it for you, you're going to love The Dream Thieves. I clearly don't, and that's ok.
The other thing that I'm still having trouble grasping is the strangeness of this world; I can't decide if it's paranormal, or magical realism, or another dimension, or what- and the story communicates its confusion as well, like it can't decide what it wants to be. I feel as though that confusion is preventing me from appreciating this series as much as everyone else does.
Although, I have to give it to Stiefvater- the idea of pulling things out of dreams and making them real is original and intriguing, and the epilogue does leave me wanting to pick up the next in the Raven Cycle.

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