So, this wasn't originally part of my comment, but I felt I had to say something. There is a charity book written by J. K. Rowling (Though it says 'Newt Scamander on the front) that is a list of all the fantastic beasts that exist in the world of Harry Potter. THIS IS NOT IT. This is the original screenplay by J. K. Rowling.
If you've seen the movie of fantastic beasts and where to find them then you will find this screenplay eerily familiar.

WARNING!!! SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, so, I read this, and it was SO disappointing! I mean some of it was really cool and some ideas were totally genius, but all in all it was a very disappointing read, that’s probably how I’d feel if I read the newest Harry Potter book, whatever it’s called, but probably not, because my main cause of disappointment was the Government, I mean MACUSA was fine, I guess, but they killed people!!!! What was their PROBLEM? I mean seriously, I feel like the book shames the United States, like seriously!

The lady brings Newt in, TWICE, then the president lady’s all like ‘and you waited until AFTER the guy died to tell us this? And then they just whoop send ‘em to jail, then Graves (Who at this point is assuredly evil.) Orders them killed, both of them! Seriously! Even the girl, who took Newt in, Graves says “and she is going to be executed for helping him", like, seriously dude, and the guys ACTUALLY do it! Without a trial! I mean WHAT?

So I just figured oh, okay they must have been in league with graves or something, (I am still confused by this.) And Graves must have been working in secret or like doing things without Lady President’s permission, but nope, when they escape she actually puts up wanted posters and doesn’t fire Graves or anything at all really, so of course we assume that Graves has been putting the Imperious Curse on them.

So Newt tries to help the kid, and Graves stops him, and the Lady President shows up and annihilates the kid, and then it turns out that she wasn’t controlled by graves, but guess what? The didn’t even TRY to kill Graves, they’re just like ‘whatever, who cares if Grindewald survives as long as a little kid is destroyed.’ And Newt and The main lady, Tina, aren’t sad at all (well besides RIGHT after it happens.)

Then they’re all sad ‘cause they can’t brainwash a whole city, and then Newt (who for some STRANGE reason agrees with the president) is like "I can do it!" and brainwashes the whole city with the thunderbird and a tiny bottle of something death venom, and poisons all the water in the city with it, so basically pretty soon they will brainwash the entire world including themselves, ‘cause they never think, ‘wait a second, maybe there are some wizards on the streets that will be brainwashed,’ or, ‘hey how are we supposed to survive without water?’ besides, Jacob gets brainwashed and they don’t even try to stop him.

I’m not saying that it was a terrible book, like I’m not like; ‘We must burn every copy of this book everywhere!’ Or anything, honestly I feel this way with Harry Potter sometimes too, in fact the romance was super cute, and I loved the creatures, and the idea of an Obscurus, (so Ariana Dumbledore was one too then?) But some parts (for me at least) were overly disappointing

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