Game of Crowns
Game of Crowns Elizabeth, Camilla, Kate, and the Throne By Andersen, Christopher P. Book - 2016

Entertaining, funny, interesting. I really enjoyed this book and also learned something new about the royal family and their traditions. Being an Anglophile, I love everything (well, almost everything) English, so I could not pass on this book. It really doesn't say anything new, at least for me: I have known Elizabeth II as the Queen of England all my life, I have cried for the premature death of Diana and have disliked (and still dislike) Camilla for her scheming, selfish way of being. However, I found really interesting to read about Kate and the modernity she is bringing to a centuries-old institution, as Lady D tried to do before her. And I enjoyed the gossip about Charles and Camilla, of course. Well, if you liked "The Crown" and "Victoria", this book is for you.

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