Under the Banner of Heaven
Under the Banner of Heaven A Story of Violent Faith By Krakauer, Jon Book - 2004

If you want to take an in depth, well-researched look into the origins of Mormonism, this book is a good source. The author adequately and masterfully shows the disturbing undercurrents of violence of the early Mormons flowing directly into the violence of some contemporary Mormon Fundamentalists. There is an undeniable unbroken chain of determined entitled belief leading to behavior so outside of the norms of civil society everywhere, as to not only be illegal and unethical, but incredibly shocking and sinful. But the Mormon god commands these atrocities, and we are left with child brides; shattered homes; and murdered men, women, and children.

Where the book digresses and spoils its otherwise excellent treatise; is the author's drawing of parallels between all fundamentalists of any belief system. The very existence of belief in God seems to sit ill-at-ease with the author, and "they are all the same," seems to be his personal bias. If you can step over those occasional clumsy blocks in the road, the book is otherwise an outstanding journey of necessary hard truths.

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