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Star Wars Dark Disciple By Golden, Christie Book - 2015

A huge disappointment. The novel's based off of 9 cancelled Clone Wars episodes and after reading it I can see why they were cancelled. The plot is Ventress and Quinlan Vos attempt to assassinate Dooku, but there's almost no suspense since everyone knows Dooku and Vos will survive since they're in Episode 3 (Vos is casually mentioned in one of the scenes at the Jedi Temple). The novel is constantly exploring a "relationship" between Vos and Ventress, which goes completely against the characters that were developed in earlier Clone Wars episodes. Also, the book tries to emulate Matthew Stover's Shatterpoint in an effort to "discover the role of the Jedi and what actions will save them and which ones will destroy them", but fails miserably. The whole conflict isn't about assassinating Dooku, it's about whether Vos can embrace the Dark Side to kill him, if Vos has fallen to the Dark Side and if it's possible to redeem Vos from the Dark Side. The whole novel is basically the Jedi worrying that Vos will fall to the Dark Side, Ventress worrying that Vos is too good to embrace the Dark Side and kill Dooku, Dooku escaping every assassination attempt and Vos and Ventress having some weird relationship that should never have developed. Their relationship was probably only developed so the ending is"more tragic" when Ventress sacrifices herself to save Vos from Dooku's Force lightning and "saves him from the Dark Side". The novel also suggests that killing Dooku will end the war; however in Stover's Shatterpoint it is clearly mentioned that "Dooku is no longer the war's shatterpoint and killing him will not end it". I guess though, since Shatterpoint is no longer canon Christie Golden can do whatever she wants. I had high expectations for this book based on Golden's work in Fate of the Jedi, but was sorely disappointed. If this is what all the Disney canon is like I'm never going to see a good Star Wars book again. Stick to the "Legends" canon, those novels are actually good.

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