This is a pretty good book, but not altogether accurate, just as many of the comments aren't accurate. // Taking jobs that Americans won't do ????? \\
Yes, yes, yes, we hear that daily on Fox and NPR and from the National Association of Manufacturers, who admonished us back in 2003 or 2004 that programming jobs were being shipped to Ghana because Americans did not want them?!?!?!?
Yes, yes, yes, // racist immigration policies \\ which have been favoring people of color the past several decades - - one of you geniuses please explain the logic of that contradictory sentence and reality to me?
They who profit from creating refugee flows are the same ones who profit from the influx of labor forcing wages downwards - - try dwelling upon that for a time.
To ALL you ignoramuses I say: go back and peruse the NAFTA legislation, which legalized the purchase of Mexican banks by foreigners - - something heretofore illegal - - which allowed US and other countries' banks to buy them up, then pressure for independent farmers to be thrown off communal lands and then to privatize them, forcing a labor stream north to America. Then study the 2008 American-supported [and partially financed] military coup in Honduras, resulting in a stream of Honduran youth coming to America [that would be President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton at the helm, then].
What should be done? Well the original intent of NAFTA was supposedly also to allow workers in Canada, the US and Mexico to travel and work freely among the three trading-block countries - - but that would have equalized wages among the three, and what would become of cheap and cheapter labor??? So thinketh the elites of Wall Street!
What should be done? All three countries should be merged together into one: North Am [I admit to stealing that idea from Magnus, Robot Fighter, 4000 AD comic book - - but it is still a great idea!]

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