This movie had too much anger in its characters: Grandma, her ex-husband, her daughter, the anti-abortion protesters. Way too much anger. Lily Tomlin seems so very tense throughout the film, and I don't know if she was nervous, or if she was tense because her character was so full of rage towards nearly everyone. She didn't relax till the last scene, and by then it seemed artificial.
The ex-husband's anger feels really put-on, given that he hasn't seen her for 30 years. The mother's also felt like too much, given that she's such a successful business woman.
The daughter had nearly no personality at all, and she could've used some, since it was her supposed life crisis that the film centers on.

Altogether, this film could've seriously used some mellow-out time. And secondly, it could've used much better drawn (scripted, acted) characters. It makes me sad because there are so many possibilities to make good characters and a good story, and they're all missed. Every last one.

miaone's rating:
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