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Granddaughter: What's a Bonobo?
Grandma: A very advanced ape. The females run the show, they masturbate all the time...
...and they don't have wars, unlike chimps and humans.
GD: So you think women are better than men?
GM: Men are okay. My father was a man.
GD: Mine was a sperm.
GM: Donor. Your mom was busy. Don't blame her for that. It was a valid decision. At least the sperm didn't black your eye because you talked back.
-- I don't know why.
- Because you just want power. You wanna exert your dominance over me. You want to be the alpha Bonobo.
- You know, you're not a Bonobo, Carla. You're a gorilla. You are a silverback male gorilla.

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