-- "Dragonfly" was one of my favorite poems. "You bite my wings, Attack me midflight. Evolution's knife Pressed to my throat."
- Yes, that is the one that gets anthologized. Not my favorite, honestly, on a technical level.
-- How come you stopped writing?
- People stopped reading.
-- Do you have a credit card?
- You know, I cut my credit cards up into little pieces. I made a wind chime out of them.
-- Why would you do that?
- I'm transmogrifying my life into art.
-- Oh, my G... You know, what kind of adult doesn't have a credit card?
- This adult. Credit cards infantilize you. They turn you into a pod person.
- You're well past menopause. We both are.
-- It's painful seeing you, because it makes me feel old.
- Oh. I like being old. Young people are stupid.
-- We sure were. We sure were stupid.

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