The Monogram Murders
The Monogram Murders The New Hercule Poirot Mystery By Hannah, Sophie Book - 2014

I was excited to find a Poirot mystery where I didn't know "who done it", even if it wasn't written by Christie herself. In my opinion Sophie Hannah's done a great job following Christie's style of writing and keeping us in the dark almost to the very end about the real culprit or culprits. The story has so many twist, turns and characters that one gets a bit dizzy from all the information that for long stretches of time goes nowhere. Sometimes I did want it to get to the point (any point!) a bit faster. Hannah stays mostly true to Poirot' character and quirks, although I felt she over-did it with his obsessiveness with symmetry and order. I feel to mention it a couple of times would've been enough. I also didn't like how he absolutely refused to give ANY information to that poor Catchpool, insisting he's making him a better detective. It felt very arrogant and, pardon a strong word, sadistic. Other than that, I found the book interesting and exciting.

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