I love Lucy Knisley, just putting that out there. Displacement is a travelogue and a memoir both, something she has done before, but as with anything that actually happened it's just that much more fascinating.

Lucy's grandparents are old and ailing. Her grandmother has dementia and her grandfather isn't able to do a lot of things. They decided to go on a cruise and when no one else at their retirement home signs up Lucy decides to go with them to keep an eye on them. It's only a week but it reads like the longest week of Lucy's life and it certainly must have been.

In between trying to make sure her easily addled grandparents are happy and easily located, and in between worrying about her own mortality and being angry at how little her help her family is being at the moment, she reads her grandfather's memoir of WWII.

As always her simple illustrations and frank speaking work very well here in taking a common but specific experience and making it very accessible and relatable.

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