I can't believe he would do this to us! That ending?!?!?! Almost as bad as Rick Riordan's conclusion of Mark of Athena! I don't think I can wait another 8 months for the next book to come out!
Okay, so this review is going to be a mixture of my feelings towards the book and some plot summary (so I can look back at this next August when I get the sixth book and don't remember what has happened).
SO! I'm not sure how I feel about Five. He killed Eight (UGGH!), is working with the Mogs, yet seemed to show a more negative side towards Setrakus Ra than I had expected. I mean, he literally tried to help Ella escape the Anubis instead of running away on his own (plus kept her from getting killed accidentally by both John and Nine). Not sure where his loyalties lie, and not sure how his character will develop, but I'm actually looking forward to seeing where the story takes him.
Woah, Marina! I love how she has changed through this series. Starting off as a frightened little girl, she has turned into a major BA. She appeared very hostile and impatient at times, but with her growing acceptance of Eight's death and the old, caring Marina beginning to resurface, I'm crossing my fingers that in this next book Marina will emerge as a benevolent hero and feared soldier.
Okay, I just can't get enough of John- I love that he is no longer comatose in this book! Finally, we can see real-time events happening through the eyes of the one who began this whole series. I thought the way he handled the secretary of defense guy, by saving him from the suicide attempt and healing his body of the Mogadorian's treatments was perfect. I don't think that situation could've been handled better. He's just the all-around good guy that the Earth is in desperate need of
What is up with Nine? I can't tell if he has feelings for Ella, feelings for Marina, or no feelings of that sort at all for any of the characters. His snide comments are fun to read, he handles himself and the things around him with no expectations (like the sonic-boom gloves), and pretty much is one of the nonchalant BA's that exist in this story. I know he's not responsible but is the reason why Eight died, but he is also very brave- whirling machine parts at helicopters (manned by the FBI agents who are rebelling against the Mogs... but still), leaping onto the stage in New York to try and save Ella, and finally taking and breaking Setrakus Ra's Eye of Thaloc staff. I don't really know why, but he's my like second favorite character, and I hope that he just keeps getting better as the series continues
Six in this book was definitely the mediator between Marina and Nine, as well as the tension breaker between Marina and Adam. As always, she retains her reputation as another BA. But woah! Her and Sam hooked up?! I knew they were a couple, but it happened so fast and with so little detail, I couldn't believe it!
Sam!!!!!!!!! You have powers?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am infinitely satisfied with this series XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

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