Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad The Complete Third Season DVD - 2011

During the third season of Breaking Bad Walter gets kicked out of the house and his wife Skyler begins an affair as well as divorce proceedings. Walter is offered a business opportunity to make huge amounts of meth and money at a state of the art meth lab. Although Jesse is out of drug rehab he wants nothing to do with Walter. Meanwhile Walter's brother-in-law, Hank the DEA agent, is hot on the trail of Jesse and the RV meth lab. Jesse narrowly escapes getting busted and the RV meth lab is destroyed for good. In his anger Hank puts a severe beating on Jesse and gets suspended from the DEA. Two Mexican assassins seek revenge on Walter but they end up making a deal to kill Hank instead. Walter finally pursuades Jesse to work together again and things go smoothly for a while. Ultimately personal and work events get way out of hand and both Walter's and Jesse's lives are put in grave danger.

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