Fun Home
Fun Home A Family Tragicomic By Bechdel, Alison Graphic Novel - 2006

This book showed up on my class reading list, but I hadn't looked anything up about it until I bought it from the bookstore. I wasn't expecting a graphic novel, to say the least, but I was immediately intrigued because of it.
This book recounts the author's life, growing up in a funeral home, discovering her sexuality, and coming to terms with the relationship she had with her late father.
I really liked it. There was no sugar-coating. Only the facts and the raw, unashamed truth were given to the reader. This display of transparent honesty is what, to me, makes this book so likable. You don't feel as though you are being deceived or lulled into a make-believe fantasy land of someone's ideal childhood. You instead feel as though the author is reaching out to you, trying to connect with you in a real, emotional and human way.
The reader follows Alison as she realizes and comes to terms with being a lesbian, as she deals with the sudden and mysterious death of her father, and discovers her father's own sexual preferences.
Amazing book, would recommend to anyone interested.

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