I sincerely hope that no one is deterred from reading this book based on the randoms listed on this site. Much like everything else in life, there are varying degrees of belief & skepticism. Take what you will but do give this book a shot.

Personally, I believe in much of what The Secret proclaims as it puts out the basic principles of positive energy and good karma only in a nicely gift-wrapped way to make it sound "new" and "revolutionary".

Based on my experience, The Secret does work, however its not as easy as it seems either. It requires people to follow a daily regiment of positive thinking, inward reflection and active mindfulness; easier said than done on most days.

After a couple years hiatus (hey, I'm lazy, too). I've decided to give another serious chance at this way of living (that is what it ultimately).

- Keep at it.
- Do it daily.
- Don't chase results, those will come eventually.
- Be strong because it takes will power to do this (well, anything really).

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