(Only in jest, of course) - But, if you ask me - I think that this short novel (only 106 pages), which John Steinbeck wrote in 1937, would have been more appropriately titled - "Of Rabbits, Puppies, Mice and Men".

Like, I don't know exactly how many times either the word "rabbits" or "puppies" came up in the story, but, I'll bet you that it came pretty close to being about 100 times. It's true.

And - Yeah. Yeah. - I know full-well that "Of Mice and Men" is considered by many to be an undisputed classic of 20th Century literature - But, with that said - Let me tell ya - I tried and tried, as I read along, to warm up to the 2 main characters in this tale - But, time and again, I found myself feeling pretty blase' about these 2 drifters and the situation that inevitably escalated around them.

Now, don't get me wrong here - I didn't hate "Of Mice and Men". No, I didn't. But, in all honesty, the best grading that I could come up with for this 80-year-old story was just an average 2.5-star rating (which really isn't so bad.... Is it?)

Derringer's rating:
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