Malla Nunn is brilliant. How can I get you to read the series? Beg? I would gladly do that.

If you read only one series of books this year, let it be this one.

Emmanuel Cooper is a brilliant policeman with a painful past and a painful secret--well more than one secret. He is living at the beginning of apartheid--at least the legalization of the racism that permeated South Africa from before his birth.

Emmanuel has documents to "prove" his is white, but is he? His two best friends are a Jewish doctor who lost his family in the war, and a Zulu police constable. Neither of these relationships is acceptable in polite society, and while he stays in nice places and walks the streets of town openly, his friends--the men who routinely save his life and his white status--face curfews, zoning laws, and are not even allowed to sit with him in cafes.

Emmanuel also has a "friend" who lives only in his mind--his boot camp training officer--who appears when circumstances overwhelm Emmanuel or he takes a bit too much pain medication. The shell shock/ PTSD makes this story even more relevant to today.

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