Judge John Deed
Judge John Deed Season One & Pilot Episode DVD - 2010

Excellent cast and realistic, well-thought- out stories. Martin Shaw plays the Judge John Deed. He is a pleasure to watch, as always. This Judge has integrity and is very likeable. He enjoys challenging cases that spark his interest. He, very much, wants to see justice done, and is not interested in playing politics, especially if it makes the guilty person go free and unaccountable. Nor, is he punitive. There are a lot of politics going on, lots of pressure on him to rule in a certain direction for the "higher good." There are a number of people within the justice system who would love to see him stumble and fail. Judge John Deed is definitely not perfect! For one, he has a definite weakness for the beautiful women; being faithfully committed to one woman seems impossible for him.
Just as it seems he won't be able to get out of a situation he, or his enemies had purposely got him into, he seems to come out on top at the last minute.
Wonderful Series. I highly recommend it. Lots of surprises, human drama and suspense.

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