Esperanza Rising

Esperanza Rising

Book - 2000
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JCLBeckyC Mar 20, 2019

I read this book just after my mother died. I found it quite comforting. I could easily relate to the characters even though I’m a middle-class, middle-aged white woman born forty years after this novel takes place. All people, no matter our backgrounds, grieve when our loved ones die. It’s a sad fact, but also a reassuring reminder that we are not alone in our shared humanity. Recommended for the bereaved, or anyone interested in reading a realistic historical fiction account of immigration and social class divisions during the Great Depression. Read-alikes: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.

Nov 20, 2018

This was a recent selection from my Book Club, and made a nice companion piece to The Grapes of Wrath, which we read in the spring of this year. It was interesting to compare the work experiences and living conditions of Esperanza and her family to that of the Joad Family's, albeit in a shorter and less complicated form.

JCLScottS Mar 23, 2018

Functioning as modern American fairy tale, Esperanza is tasked with rectifying her father's untimely death, her mother's sickness, and the complicated politics of labor relations in Depression-era California. An inspiring and surprisingly dense work of art.

AnnabelleLee27 Dec 12, 2017

Loved this beautiful, rich, and moving book; a coming of age story about a young girl who leaves Mexico to live and work in the Califonia fields during the Great Depression. The characters are well drawn and the setting is realistic and illuminating. The writing itself is elegantly sparse and expressive without being manipulative or preachy which gives the book surprising emotional resonance and power. Although the book is written for young readers (ages 8-12), this wonderful book is a meaningful and inspiring read for all ages. Highly recommended!

Oct 04, 2017

I really love this book and own a hard copy of it. I first read it back in fifth grade as part of a group reading, despite being Mexican my Spanish was flawed in certain areas such as reading. I clumsily read the Spanish words, not always recognizing words I've heard my parents and I used verbally in written form. And yet I kept coming back to it and rereading because i could easily relate to many of Esperanza's experiences with growing up and dealing with hard situations (but perhaps not the exact same thing). It's a book I hold near and dear to me, one that really affirmed my connection to my Hispanic roots in a way I understood. Pam Muñez Ryan has a way with words that bring back memories of my own childhood, she makes it easy to relate to her characters.

May 10, 2017

I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! I know I literally start all my comments with this, but this book was amazingly well written. I love reading about my heritage so much. I can TOTALLY relate to Esperanza's embarassing moments :)

Jun 21, 2016

I really liked this book because it tells a story that my friend went through. It is really emotional too.

Mar 20, 2016

I LOVE this book

LPL_KimberlyL Dec 02, 2015

This was on of my favorite books as a kid, which I very recently reread. Thought-provoking and sweet, this book is an easy read for older teens and adults and absolutely perfect for younger readers. Esperanza's growth throughout the book is fantastic, and the events in the book are extremely realistic and timely (issues of immigration and discrimination). This is definitely a book that inspires discussion.

Jul 05, 2014

"Esperanza Rising" is about a wealthy girl named Esperanza. Esperanza's father dies, leaving the land he owned in the hands of Esperanza's rude uncle. The family runs away from Mexico to California, while Esperanza learns how to sweep, peel potatoes and learn how to really work for the first time in her life. When Esperanza's mom gets sick, many things are now depending on Esperanza. Will she be able to handle all this? Read this great story and find out for yourself!

This book has a couple of Spanish words and the reader can truly understand the feelings and wants of all of the characters.

Jun 17, 2014

"Esperanza Rising" is about a Mexican girl, Esperanza Ortega, and how she and her family moved to the United States. She grew up in a wealthy family, had fancy dresses, many servants, and was " only child and Papa's pride and glory" (Ryan 4). One day, while Papa was out with the workers picking grapes, something suddenly happens and turns her life upside-down. Esperanza and Mama are forced to flee to a field worker’s camp. She strives to support her family while she faces horrible conditions and Mama is sick in the hospital. “Many struggled just to put food on the table...They focused only on survival and put their hopes and dreams into their children’s and grandchildren’s futures” (Ryan 262). And that is what Esperanza did.
The book is beautifully written, with vivid words and strong characters. If you like historical fiction, you will like this book.

Nov 29, 2013

This book is great. I'm 23 and enjoyed it. It's not just for kids, although I would definitely recommend they read it. There's a lot of history in it, as well as personal struggles. I also really loved the author's notes in the back of the book. This was really like her grandmother's life.

TDSRC2014_GA Jul 16, 2013

Esperanza Rising is one of the most amazing books I've ever read! I really like how the author writes it in a flowing way and includes Spanish words and easy English ones. It is easy to understand and visualize. This a book about a girl who lived like a princess in Mexico then big changes happen and she has to move to California was a worker. Are you ready to learn with Esperanza?

Jan 08, 2013

This book is amazing!!!!! I have read it many time and it inspires me by how brave and strong Esperanza worked for he family and friends. Esperanza overcome her difficulties and learned to never be afraid to start over. She is like a phoenix rising again with a new life ahead of her!!!!

Jul 31, 2012

Great book. The ending wraps it all up nicely.

Jul 25, 2012

great book!!

Jul 23, 2012

I am not a bookworm,but I couldn't put this book down! Two thumbs up!

Ólive Jul 04, 2012

It's a really good book! I recommend this book to everyone that's interested in the Great Depression.

Rainia Jun 30, 2012

Very Interesting book, but sad that her father died and her mom can't keep the property

Apr 11, 2012

It's a really good book! I recommend this book to everyone that's interested in the Great Depression.

Jul 04, 2011

This book is about a girl named Esperanza.She lived like a princess in her father's farm.(kinda)He grew things like roses,grapes,etc. Everything was perfect, and it was almost her birhtday.But everything changed when her father is killed and she is forced to flee Mexico to America.She moved to Los Angeles to work on a farm.Money was tight,and work was hard,but Esperanza starts to feel confident that she can live and work here.But,everything goes wrong when her mother is ill,....
I highly recommend this book for people who love to read about hope and history.

Feb 06, 2011

good book!

Apr 11, 2009

A great story for kids and adults.

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