Something New

Something New

Tales From A Makeshift Bride

Graphic Novel - 2016
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WestSlope_TheaH Aug 21, 2018

I love graphic memoirs and read this wonderful one by Knisley just after I myself got married, so it was all the more relatable. Her charming, colorful, and cartoony illustrations coupled with an engaging and amusing writing style really appealed to me. A story about someone else’s ambitious, personal, DIY wedding has never been so much fun.

Aug 16, 2018

This was cute and put me in the mood to get married :')

May 28, 2018

I generally like Lucy Knisley’s graphic novels, but Something New did not engage me. It might be that I expected more irreverence. It Just seemed like someone trying too hard to be original and falling into the bridal Bataan Death March. Love and commitment is a wonderful thing for people to celebrate, but looking at other people’s wedding pictures is rarely an exciting experience. Reading the book felt like looking at the bridal photos of someone you don’t know very well.

JCLStefanieE Apr 18, 2018

I adore Lucy Knisley. She has the perfect combination of sweet and sass and realness. The perfect book for anyone who is or was a bride-to-be complete with bright illustrations which amplify her charmingly relatable humor.

StratfordLibrary Mar 05, 2018

2018 Blind Date with a Book Comment: "I wouldn't have thought a graphic novel could be so enjoyable!"

ArapahoeKati Jan 22, 2018

I loved how this was a mostly light but honest look at relationships and why people go crazy about having the "perfect" wedding. I read it in a single day, charmed by Lucy and her illustrations.

Dec 31, 2017

In this memoir, geeky artist Lucy gets married! She describes her relationship with her boyfriend, her parents, and all the secret wedding details.

samcmar Jun 17, 2017

I've read all of Lucy Knisley's memoirs of travelogues, but this was the one I think I connected with the most. A lot of the stories she was sharing in this graphic novel about the perils of engagement and the different mentalities people have about marriage really struck a chord with me. Getting engaged is one of the weirdest experiences I think a person can have, especially because it's something that feels so surreal at first glance.

Knisley captures a lot of the jitters, confusion and crazy that comes with being a newly engaged individual and I loved her honesty. She walks the reader through her engagement, the reactions from friends and family, the process of trying to plan a wedding on a budget, and sticking with the budget. There's so much anxiety that comes with the planning of a wedding, and she makes no bones about it either. I remember talking with my own spouse when we were engaged about how we wanted our wedding, the dos and don'ts from other weddings we had been forced to attend, and the realities of how much we wanted to spend and what we wanted our guests to experience.

I really loved Something New, and I think it will speak to a variety of readers: singletons, newly weds, those who have been married for awhile... I think each person would get something different from the experiences that Knisley shares with her readers. Plus, as always, Knisley's artwork is lovely to look at, and it captures such a rawness that comes with all the heavy topics she is discussing. Her latest release is definitely something to enjoy if you've never experienced her works!

bandblair May 23, 2017

I found this very relatable. Art is very cute too.

BostonPL_LauraB Jan 30, 2017

I just really love Lucy's graphic memoirs - her art, her humor, and how they are actually a useful tool (Relish with recipes, and Something New with tips for planning a wedding). I would maybe even give this to a bride planning her wedding - although parts of it just might stress them out.

Nov 30, 2016

Anyone interested in art, crafts, and sticking to your guns despite society's insistence that you fall in line will enjoy this graphic memoir of the author and her husband planning their wedding. Her determination to make it "theirs" is thwarted at every step by a wedding industry that wants everything bigger, poofier, and more expensive. Even her close relationship with her mother suffers. But, in the end, the details of her wedding are so appealing...and her dress had pockets.

Marlowe Nov 28, 2016

Such an excellent novel - so insightful, honest, and endearing. Knisley graphically retells the planning of her nuptuals, despite being a wedding skeptic. So relevant for young women, especially those wishing to get married, but eschew the traditions of western weddings. Knisley's drawings are interspersed with pictures from her life that compliment the story, and give you a fuller sense of Lucy and her family. Overall the story feels so genuine that you can't help but love it.

Oct 02, 2016

She's a quirky artist & storyteller.

IanH_KCMO Sep 29, 2016

Knisley is a bit up and down. Sometimes she nails it (like with her graphic novel about going on a cruise with her grandparents) and sometimes she comes across as a totally oblivious child of privilege (The Age of License). Something New falls into the latter camp, and honestly, it's less about the oblivious privelege here and more about the fact that it never gets at all personal. I mean, this is a graphic novel about a wedding, and you never really get the sense of why these people are getting married. It's forest for the trees stuff, which is forgivable if you take this as a how-to guide for a wedding, but taken as a memoir it's lacking quite a bit. Knisley also has a habit of telling stories via outrageous visual metaphors which detracts from what is at its core a pretty grounded story about wedding stress and how nutty weddings are. Alas, I nitpick because I've been following Knisleys work since her self-published debut French Milk and I am a huge fan of her illustration work, and even though I just poured a bucket of haterade on this one I'll probably write the one she inevitably publishes about her new baby.

Chapel_Hill_AmandaG Aug 09, 2016

Loved this book; it was utterly charming. This immediately transported me back to my own trials and tribulations in planning my wedding. Lucy is almost unbelievably forthright about money, family politics, and dealing with unrealistic expectations. As someone who loves weddings, I enjoyed soaking up every single detail. As always, her art is amazing and conveys the emotions even better than text. This might be a no-brainer, but I wouldn't recommend this for those that are not fans of weddings or them million of details that go into them.

Aug 05, 2016

Ho hum, kind of boring, not personal, insightful, or interesting enough for me. More self promotional than anything else. I didn't like the flat colours either.

KateHillier Aug 03, 2016

I love Lucy Knisley and I loved this book just as much as her other ones. I'm not/have never been married but I've been a bridesmaid twice so reading all about Lucy and John wading through wedding planning, family politics, and just the politics about the idea of marriage (entering adulthood, feminist perspectives, etc.) was just so spot on. There is also, of course, lots of humour here. It's a longer haul than her other graphic novels but it's so, so worth the time.

Aug 02, 2016

If you're planning a wedding, read this! She found a dress with pockets! She explains the tradition of throwing a bouquet (I am so skipping that!)! It's a fabulous read! (I like exclamation marks.)

Jul 11, 2016

Loved this, although it bogged down a bit near the end. But overall a beautiful depiction of the author's creative and personalized wedding and all the thoughts and feelings that came along with planning it. I appreciate her appreciation that most weddings "smack of heteronormative conformity." Go, you feminist nerd!

I had high hopes for this autobiographical graphic novel but was reluctantly disappointed. Insular, myopic, repetitive, overly-detailed and WAY too introspective. Unless you are related to the author, I'm not sure why a reader is supposed to care so much about her wedding? Maybe it's time for Knisley to write about someone other than herself? She is so artistically talented but she is wasting that talent on content that should be reserved for a personal diary?

Jul 05, 2016

The format was not what I expected. Would not recommend.

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